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The Creek Patio Grill occasionally sends out coupons via US Mail, Email, Newsletters, Newsprint. Coupons cannot be used/applied to the following: Holiday Menus, Prefix Menus, Special Event Menus, Happy Hour Menu Items, and/or Buffet / Stationed Menus.


1 Coupon per table / group.
1 Coupon per visit – Per day.
1 Coupon per email address.
Cannot be applied to specials such as: Wine Down Wednesdays, Date Night Dining, or other similar specials.
Cannot be combined with other discount offers.
Other rules may apply. See coupon details on coupon.
– In order to continue offering discounts to our local neighbors, we ask that you do not abuse our coupons/special offers.
– The Creek Patio Grill reserves the right to deny usage of coupons.



The Creek Patio Grill will offer discounts on different occasions. Management may extend discounts as deemed necessary on a 1 time basis. Discount Coupons follow all rules as stated in the COUPON section above.



Please treat gift cards like cash. The possessor of the gift card is the owner of the gift card. There is no cash exchange value. Gift card values (whole or partial) cannot be used for gratuity/tip. Please keep original receipt in case there is issue with card data/information.


The Creek Patio Grill occasionally has special menus such as, but not limited to the following: Prefix dining, buffet, stationed menu, etc… These may occur on or during holidays, party buy-outs, venue designed special occasions.

When there are special menus/dining events, coupons and dining discounts cannot be used. For example. Wine Down Wednesday, Date Night Dining etc…, these specials have already been discount and thus coupons cannot be applied.